How would you describe your life: fun, got-it-all-together, laugh-a-minute … or …  discouraging, weaving without direction, sometimes challenging but rewarding?

As I think about my life, I have many questions. How can I grow through the hard times? How do I give myself permission to celebrate accomplishments? How do I learn to be joyful in all circumstances? How do I measure success?

People of all ages have experiences that mentor us. I want to learn from other’s experiences. I want the knowledge that they have gained so I don’t walk the wrong path. I want to learn how to do life well.

Proverbs 16:16—How much better to get wisdom than gold, to get insight rather than silver!

Some folks simply read about someone’s experience then heed the wisdom. However, I am an experiential learner. Do you know the type? They are the people who hear the advice, but need to experience the burn to learn.

Whether we read then heed, or learn after the burn, the insights we gain are still valuable and should be embraced so that we don’t go back around the same mountains.

The purpose of my blog, Yesterday to Forever, is to:

  1. Focus on stories from yesterday or today
  2. Mine the insights
  3. Bump them against the truth of the Bible
  4. Apply the principles

Wisdom applied to tomorrow’s opportunities = success.

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My prayer is that you will find my blog posts entertaining, thought provoking, and fruitful—yesterday’s posts that will create forever insights.

Thanks for stopping by,
Cindy in script