How to be Successful in Achieving Your Desires

2016 New Years Photo option 2New Year’s resolutions are our way of saying: I desire change that will bring me success through an achieved goal.

Desires bombard our minds. Desires cause us to wish for something that may feel elusive or unattainable.  Time constraints or lack of planning are two of the biggest goal-stealers. When desires are transformed into achieved goals, we are content and fulfilled. We feel successful.

In this New Year, I want to make an intentional path to turn my desires into achieved goals. In December 2016, I want to look back and see a list of accomplishments, rather than a list of fleeting, unfulfilled desires.


Would you too like to learn about a plan to achieve success in your life?

I’d like to show you an easy, and successful, method to turn your desires into achievable goals. It’s a tool that I call a Desire and Action Plan (DAP). Sometimes a DAP is very simple (see the example below). Other times, it might be a version that requires a lot of thought, consultation with others, and planning. It might be a written and edited version.

Do you find that a DAP conjures thoughts of fear, discouragement, or frustration? Actually, we all use DAP’s, whether consciously or subconsciously. Here’s a silly, but true, DAP example:


I want to brush my teeth every morning.


Why do I want to brush my teeth?

  • So my husband will love to kiss me
  • To rid my mouth of stink and grime
  • To prevent decay
  • To add sparkle and whiteness to the ole pearly-whites

What tools do I need?

  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Water
  • Muscles from my hand and arm

What are my success milestones toward the final goal?

  • I see my teeth getting whiter as I’m brushing
  • My mouth is starting to feel cleaner

How do I measure success?

  • Got that sweet kiss from my husband!
  • No chattering dental drills and fillings

Think of tasks that you do and run a quick mental DAP. I think you’ll find that what I’m sharing is true.

Now It’s Your Turn

Now, let’s create a more robust DAP. What do you hope to accomplish this year? Use the following questions to guide your thoughts.

  • Define your desire.
  • Why do I want to _______________?
  • Who’s my audience?
  • What ways can I reach my audience?
  • Who can I consult with to help with ________________?
  • What are my milestones to reach success?
  • What tools do I need?
  • How do I measure success?
  1. Using the answers to these questions, outline each step and milestone for your journey.
  2. Assign a due date to each task. The due date will keep you focused. If you miss a due date, don’t stress; just set a new one. Caution: do not constantly change the due date or you will never finish.
  3. After all tasks are completed, congratulate yourself. You just completed your DAP and transformed your desire into success.

Please don’t discount this effective process. Be sure to formally write down your DAP, rather than just build a mental picture. You may find many gems unfolding in your mind that you didn’t know were there. I promise, not only are you creating a masterpiece, but you also will reach your desired goal successfully.

Bring on your New Year’s resolutions! Transform yesterday’s desires into an organized DAP for a successful forever.